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    Tecno Consulting Italian Engineering

    TecnoCIE s.r.l. is a New and Dynamic Company with a strong background. TecnoCIE was born thanks to the determination of Mr. Berardino Chiruzzi, its founder, who made full use of the vast experience he gained during decades of activity within some World Leading
    Engineering Companies.

    From 2014 TecnoCIE s.r.l. provides Specialised Services and Consulting in Industrial and  Civil Engineering. Our mission is to support and assist our Clients with a wide range of Engineering Activities, in order to help them to focus and target at best their investments.

    TecnoCIE s.r.l. provides Engineering Services in every single stage of Plant Design and Construction, thanks to:
    Plant Design in Oil & Gas (Onshore and Offshore), in Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Power Generation and Steel Industry, such as:Specialised Piping Engineering for
    Process Plant Systems Stress Analysis, using Dedicated
    p2Software Products Pipe Supports Design and Detailed
    Engineering in various areas of application, according to Structural Analysis
    3D Plant Modelling, by means of a dedicated software based on projectdesign, 3D Modelling supplies Technical data relevant to Quality and Quantity; furthermore it provides Realistic Views of the Designed Facilities, necessary for Piping Clash Detection

    Design of Industrial and Civil Building Worksand Networks:
    Structural and Foundations Works in reinforced concrete for Buildings, Process Items, Steel Structures, Containment Works Civil and Industrial Buildings Steel Items and Structures Sewerage, Utilities and Distribution Systems 
    Project Planning and Scheduling Project General Analysis, to evaluate the necessary Authority Permits, the scheduled deadlines, works and the human resources
    General Planning and Planning of Activities, to identify the Milestones and the WBS, up to detailed analysis of basic activities and identification of critical points
    Scheduled Targets Verification Evaluation and Adoption of eventual Improving or Remedial Actions

    Technical and Management Assistance
    Project Design Supervision, assistance to the Client, to verify
    the conformity of the design from the suppliers to the Client’s Standards and the applicable Laws and Scope of Work
    Contract Administration and Project Management Assistance
    Technical Assistance and Budget Supervision, through Discipline Professionals (Civil, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical, for Instrumentation, for Fire and Safety), to verify the activities in relation to the Contractual Obligations, applicable Laws and Technical References

    p3HSEQ Consulting e Supervision
    Assistance to Safety and Operability Surveys on Plant Systems
    Processing of Safety Plans and Procedures
    HSE Supervision during Construction Works
    Quality Management Assistance and Consulting

    Specialised Technical Consulting for
    Preliminary Studies

    Feasibility Studies, Geological and Geotechnical Surveys, Civil, Mechanical and Plant Preliminary Design ,Technical Quotation, Quotation Studies and Costs Analysis, Assistance during the Permits and, Authorization Retrieval Phase, HSE Consulting
    On request, TecnoCIE S.r.l. is able to

    p4provide Qualified Engineering Services in
    additional areas of application, thanks to
    our Specialists with a consolidated professional background.

    TecnoCIE s.r.l. aims to provide Highest
    Quality Services and Professional Standards,
    to meet the requirements of the most Qualified Clients.
    Our Registered Office is based in Taranto, an
    area with a noteworthy Industrial history,
    while our Operational Headquarters are based in Fano, in the district of Pesaro, a landmark
    for Industrial Design, thanks to some important Oil and Gas Companies and a Strategic Geographical Position, well connected to the rest of Europe. 
    In order to offer its services TecnoCIE s.r.l. has the most advanced Design Software and Solutions, in pursuance of meeting the Highest Expectations of Our Clients.
    Thanks to the consolidated experience of our Technical Employees and our Mission, TecnoCIE s.r.l. ensures Highest Standard Services, regardless of the Service Type or the Client we work for.
    The present Organizational Chart includes a wide range of professional roles, such as Senior Project Coordinator, Piping Engineering & Stress Analysis Engineer, Senior & Junior PDMS & PDS Modeller, Senior Piping Engineer and Stress Analysis Engineer, Senior Piping Support Engineer, Senior Civil Engineer, Junior Civil and Piping Engineering, Draftsman, Document Controller.
    The Company also uses External Cooperation with Independent Highly Qualified Engineers and Professionals that can be employed according to the Project or to the Client’s requirements.

    TecnoCIE s.r.l. has developed a commercial strategy based on a highly qualified work and production system. Our Company gained the ISO 9001:2008 Certification, positively evaluated by the Certification Agency IQnet & CISQ/RINA with the Certificates: IT-96166 and 31554/14/S.
    TecnoCIE s.r.l. is also qualified to work with some Leading Engineering and Construction Companies such as SAIPEM S.p.A. and RENCO S.p.A.

    Registered Office
    74121 TARANTO – Via Plinio, 95/D – ITALY
    Telephone /Fax: (+39) 099 7392598
    Operational Headquarters
    61032 FANO (PU) – Via Luigi Einaudi, 6/A – ITALY
    Telefono/Fax (+39) 0721 855469


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