Established in 2014, TecnoCie S.r.l. was born with the aim of providing services and support in the specialized fields of the industrial and civil sector, with a vision oriented to the consolidation of experiences in niche sectors and, complementarily, to the implementation of an organization that allows to offer the widest range of engineering services aimed at supporting the customer in the process of focusing and implementing investment initiatives.

For the services offered, TecnoCie S.r.l. has the best tools and IT supports necessary to guarantee the best design and quality result related to any requirement represented by the Customer. The setting and experience consolidated over the years by TecnoCie S.r.l. in areas with very high quality and design standards, they allow to ensure equally high levels of service without any distinction for the type of service requested or the clientele for which it will operate.

Basic Engineering, Front End

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Process Engineering


Feasibility Studies

ingegneria dettaglio TCE servizi

Detail Engineering

SERVIZI_ingegneria di dettaglio

3D Design and Modeling

progettazione 3D TCE servizi

Calculation of metal structures and reinforced concrete


Revamping and plant improvements


Construction assistance, direction and supervision

Double exposure of engineer meeting for architectural project and working with partner engineering on workplace of oil and gas refinery concept.

Pre-commissioning, Commissioning


Document Control Activities

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